People connecting and working on projects of mutual interest.
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ProjectGroups is a new website for individuals to post a project or join and work on a project.

ProjectGroups is about project profiles and member profiles; people looking for projects and projects looking for people.

[*****This site is in demo mode May 23, 2016. Data is sample data.******]

Project types —
  • Pro bono publico ("for the public good" - 100% volunteer)
  • Business - to make money (startup or one-off opportunity)
  • Not for profit (startup)
  • Group effort for group benefit (e.g., study, support, or group gardening project)
  • Political

The ProjectGroups website is very new and ready for people who are ready to get started with us.

A group with a good dynamic can accomplish so much more than its individual members could accomplish alone.

You —

You have a project in mind. Or you want to find a suitable project group to join that is worthy of your interests, ability and passions. You should join our website in either case even if you don't see a match right now, because people with project ideas will be encouraged by the profiles of qualified members. And people who are interested in joining a project will be encouraged by the existence of real projects.

Do you want to accomplish something, do something, or make a difference in a project group context? Let your story be part of our story and join us now!

ProjectGroups - for when you are done with the nonsense and are ready to connect.
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